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SSC8 G10 Shock Towers & Body Mounts Set


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- Front G10 0.19-inch thick shock tower for F/R Traxxas GTR & F-Kyosho MP9 Tki4 shocks;
- Rear G10 0.19-inch thick shock tower for R-Traxxas GTR & R-Kyosho MP9 Tki4 shocks;
- Short Course body mounts' stantions (4);
- eBuggy body mounts (3);
- MP9 shock spacers for vertical/free swinging alignment, and;
- Hardware kit to mount both GTR and Kyosho shocks.
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The ssc8 shock tower set completes your framework serving the freedom to mount the best shocks in the industry, 1:8ebuggy and Short Course bodies simultaneously for the undertray-option, a Tekno NB wing mount, and an ssc8 GoPro5-Session cube camera mount. The upper shock locations maximize suspension travel of F/R, R/R Traxxas GTR's and F/R Kyosho MP9 Tki4 shocks. The front tower's open flow-thru design streamlines airflow for further efficiency while permitting the use of a GoPro5-Session camera (using available ssc8 mount). The rear tower includes the holes pattern & hardware for the adjustable Tekno NB wing mount to keep the wing as low, flat and far forward as possible. OEM-pre painted Traxxas Slash bodies fit using the configuration shown with just enough clearance for the wing mount to fit beneath SC-body (better roll-over protection and ability to run SC4x & 1:8 ebuggy classes with 1-vehicle). Shock top positions have been designed for maximum performance using outermost a-arm holes and XO-1 axles & hubs (lowest axle stub setup for most ground clearance). Camber link holes have been reduced to one key location reducing material weight and soil weight captured in-use. I've tapered every OEM MP9 damper hole from the bottomside, filled F/R MP9 shocks with 27.5wt shock oil, and run Orange 4.02 front springs and Gray 4.02 rear springs. Using this shock setup with 30k front/100k center/3k rear and 3.0-3.5 degrees of camber the ssc8 test vehicles have turned consistent fast laps on East Orange County R/C's sandy clay loam, Beachline Raceway's indoor turf-over-clay, New Red Hobbies' indoor hybrid clay-carpet track, and even Valkaria R/C's F1-styled onroad asphalt with just tire changes and minor pre-load adjustments. When your truck or buggy stays over the surface with the most plush suspension and smoothest axle setup possible, not only do you apply throttle sooner on jump landings and turn exits, but everything lasts longer including the tires. Taller towers & shocks do not raise the center of gravity, rather they hang the chassis & driveline lower creating far more stability while fitting beneath an OEM-short course body. At 0.19 inches thick the rigid G10 composite has proven extremely durable through bad wrecks. As the ssc8 chassis kit is like a wing for the Traxxas Slash 4x4 driveline, these shock towers with MP9 shocks & XO-1 axles/hubs are wings for your ssc8 chassis kit!

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