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History of TeamSSC

The Shining Star Chassis-8 (SSC8) is the evolution of the V1 SSCLCG that debuted as the first aftermarket low center of gravity chassis kit on March 13, 2011 to Mike and Brad from the local Space Coast Short Course Track by the founder of Space Coast R/C, the predecessor to the current Beachline Raceway at 3065 Grissom Parkway in Cocoa, Florida.  Thanks to the support of folks like Tim from Bakersfield, California, Jeff from Yuma, Arizona, Manolo from Brownsville, Texas, and Paul from Camby, Indiana that followed through March the V1 SSCLCG was off the ground into a new American Manufacturing operation based on Mark Patrick Soliman's V1 Engineering & Design efforts throughout February of 2011 with his first Slash 4x4 from Superior Hobbies.  Superior Hobbies is the Founder of Beachline Raceway and made vast improvements to the former Space Coast R/C space that SSC designed, permitted and participated in buildout between April and September of 2012.  Rick, a former commercial neighbor to a radio and surveillance infrastructure company I acquired from the founder of Space Coast R/C, was a machinist with 35-years experience and invested into a Fadal VMC4020 flood-wash fitted CNC with a 21-tool turret out of an Orlando machinery resale and maintenance facility during the Summer of 2011.  Rick has never worked with an Engineer before and neither myself with a Machinist.  I am humbled to announce that 6-years later through years of constant trials, perfections, Domestic and Made-in-China competition, publications, competitions and minor and major race wins, the SSC8 now has a dedicated 800sf manufacturing facility spinning the same VMC4020 just 6-doors over in the same building as Rick's machine shop. 

The result is an Engineer trained by a Machinist now fabricating most of the SSC8 components.  Rick's lathes and open table Fadal CNC still produces the SSC8's battery mounts, chassis spine, steering spacers and all posts.  The 2017 dedicated manufacturing facility was mainly justified by the up and coming's mid and full-sized truck sport racks that mount through/over a vinyl snap cover (Engineered for each truck model starting with 6 models by Spring of 2018).  Since each vise setup was serving both manufacturing efforts it's been a long year out of stock on the V2.5F.  We must confess that the SSC8 did receive some personal tweaks over the past year spent over a CNC table.  The rear tail of the chassis plate was narrowed 0.05" each side and the rear pin height slightly tweaked lower for the least scrub at full keel on SC4x and 1:8ebuggy tires.  I also lengthened the F/R battery slot sets towards each others by 0.1" to promote more chassis flex beneath the battery.  The front battery block has been raised to 0.75" height from 0.5" and rear from 0.25" height to 0.5" to distribute impact loads on your battery case better. These tweaks later provided the height and clearance needed to install a laid down servo mount that will be released shortly in both 4mm Carbon Fiber and 7075 Aluminum.  This is being done with a revised top plate included with the servo mount accessory in preparation for an RC10 inspired SSC8 buggy body.  The top plate material will be 4mm Carbon Fiber and 1/8" 7075 Aluminum plate will be tested as well.  During 2017 Mark also committed to developing a shock tower set that hosts Traxxas' & TLR SCTE4.0's R/R or F/R shocks, and Kyosho MP9 F/R shocks for the ultimate performance that leverages your SSC8's performance to new limits.  SSC also introduced a new product line for the vintage RC10's throughout 2017.

So what can the SSC8 do for your R/C experience on any surface?  At just 5.5-5.6lbs fitted with XO-1 Hubs & Axles, Lunsford Hinge Pins and Kyosho MP9 F/R shocks, it will deliver you the longest battery runtime on just 7.4v and 1:10 4-pole cool motor power.  Traxxas did a great job locating the motor for maximum plant as demonstrated by their XO-1 100mph 1:7 supercar also spinning the same proven, available and low-cost/maintenance F/R differentials used in the E-Revo, Slash 4x4 and Stampede 4x4.  Without the reinforcement blocks they are also the lightest spinning F/R differentials in SC4x and 1:8ebuggy.  Coupled with a single inline center driveshaft, two less universals, and one less bearing the Traxxas driveline configuration also delivers the most rear on-power plant for most acceleration in SC4x and 1:8ebuggy, most effective braking counter-force for more predictable control into turns on brakes, and thus the most controllable R/C vehicle in flight.  It just needed a chassis that can make the most of such a driveline.  So through years of attending races with v1, the v2 diamond back, and the v2. split top plate all excess chassis scrub has been carved away from the chassis plate and it's flex characteristics have been dialed in precisely with driveshaft durability.  Being the only offroad single shaft 4-wheel driveline chassis with independent front and rear bulkheads coupled with a tunable chassis spine has been a revolutionary advancement in impact durability, substantially decreased tires, bearing and hinge pin wear while keeping all four tires planted with the chassis spine serving as a tuned 5th shock with preload adjustability using a rear camber link with the included hardware.  The SSC8 is the only framework in SC4x and 1:8ebuggy that directly connects you’re a-arms independently and free of the gearboxes.  So your driveline is spinning just as efficiently and freely through a curve or jump lander as it is on a straight maximizing predictability, force transfers and efficiency.  This is why the SSC8 has earned it's own stripes/name beyond a simple conversion kit for the Slash 4x4.  It is a true Hobbyist-grade platform meant to maximize your go anywhere (outdoor race tracks, indoor race tracks, oval tracks, beach, grass, pavement, sand and loam) runtime without having to slave over setup changes and commit to excessive tire/rim purchases. 

It's 2018 now and the SSC8 just became the longest running aftermarket chassis kit in R/C history thanks to all the v1 & v2 supporters from across Our Beautiful Nation and the God's Globe. SSC is blessed to have had the support of so many track managers and founders from California to Shri Lanka who sought an R/C vehicle that kept them on the drivers stand logging the most laps on the least battery changes with the least maintenance and tire wear. That is what your choice to build your own R/C vehicle from scratch supports and delivers. In life you get what you pay for and I'd rather spend more up front to spend far less on tires later while having an Engineered piece of artwork that looks just as good flying over any surface as it does on your shelf when not in use.