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SSC8 Low Profile Lexan 1:8 eBuggy Body


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- 1mm thick lexan ssc8 buggy body for low-profile servo mount configuration;
- Lexan buggy wing with spare & tuning/reinforcement plates.

- Rear trimming and mounting oles;
- Paint;
- Mounting hole reinforcement using Shoe-Goo
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This ssc8 body pushes the efficiency of performance to a new limit by serving you the lowest profile and cross section in the 1:8eBuggy class. Air flows through the front ssc8 shock tower, over this body and is split around the rear shock tower by it's signature rearward canopy. Laminar airflow means less friction, more speed and efficiency. Carefully places vents both built-in and reamed keeps fresh air flowing through your electronics. The three mounting points and flat-rounded design features do not restrict your ssc8 chassis from flexing. You can add two small plastic uprights to capture middle of body with Velcro side-tabs to further reduce soil-intrusion (may require drilling & tapering M3 holes into chassis plate). This body can also double as your short course truck's undertray. The mounting kit is included with the ssc8 shock towers' set. To mount without ssc8 shock towers and with the OEM servo configuration use a 14-16mm x M3 stud and locknet with a thumbscrew at the front bulkhead's post (hardware not included).

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