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SSC8 Chassis Kit for Slash 4x4


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Aftermarket Chassis Kit based on 6061 Aluminum Framework for the Traxxas Slash 4x4

Shining Star Chassis is a DBA of MarSol llc - a U.S. Manufacturer
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Shining Star Chassis was the first to release a Traxxas Slash 4x4 framework option in May of 2011.  8-years later we are grateful to announce that over a thousand kits have reached over 27-Nations with no unpleasant experiences with this kit reported.  We are proud to report there has been very few parts purchases and they've mostly come with stories of outrageous airtime wrecks involving brick & concrete, or rebuilds after 6-years.  This chassis kit is the longest running R/C aftermarket platform in history.  It's only fitting that it hosts the most proven, longest running R/C 4wd driveline in the most models as offered by Traxxas who designed the lightest and most efficient 4wd system of the Short Course 1:10 and 1:8 eBuggy scale.  The SSC8 framework makes is up to 50-degrees more efficient on your motor temps serving you more power and efficiency by design.  An independent motor/differential mount system keeps your differential coolest for the most consistent predictable R/C wheeling experience from the start of a freshly charged pack to it's cutoff.  Four independent arm mounts, a staple of the Vintage RC10, is the best performance benefit the SSC8-offers.  A former standard lost to cheaper manufacturing approaches, independent arm mounts transfer loads directly into the chassis' structure without flexing your driveline components free to spin when most tweaked for superior control and performance.  This structural approach and lost 'art' in R/C requires 9-vise & machine steps per arm mount which is labor & machine intensive but worth the predictable and consistent performance.  Another crucial feature of the most developed chassis kit in R/C history are its' independent Front and Rear bulkheads.  In 2013 Shining Star Chassis became the first offroad R/C framework with a single-shaft 4-wheel driveline to utilize independent F/R bulkheads.  Hub bearings went from lasting 6-months to 2.5-years.  Ti hinge pins went from lasting 1-year to 3-years.  And leaking differentials became a rare sight.  The rear pinion and bearing last years longer.  The chassis spine that doubles as the inside battery strap mount does a great job protecting your OEM-splined driveshaft.  Chassis flex can be tuned by removing up to 2 spine-screws from the bottom and/or adding a rear camber link (shaved to clear battery) as a chassis brace to the rear bulkhead using hardware included.  You can further tune flex by slicing groove into the chassis-spine as shown in the photos.  This feature serves you superior acceleration, braking, on/off power steering and durability experiences in R/C.  The battery system serves up an inch and a half of F/R travel for the widest tuning range of F/R weight.  When it comes to the steering system this chassis lends to three different arrangements using accessories available.  The first is the OEM & OG inverted-servo configuration.  Using the ssc8 hardware accessory spacer kit, the XO-1 bellcrank (with Slash 4x4 crosslink) the servo can be mounted upright without any steering link crossing over the driveshaft.  Then using the available lay-down servo kit a third servo mounting option is available. After 8-years Shining Star Chassis has developed integrated front bulkhead mounts for the GoPro5 camera.  Please Youtube "SSC8 GoPro5" for the smoothest running surface-drone video for under 6lbs-total vehicle weight with the longest runtime.  No other R/C vehicle can match the size, weight and efficiency of the ssc8 & Slash 4x4 platform.  So efficient that it is competitive against 1:8ebuggy on 50% of the voltage and using a variety of 1:10 scale short course 2-pole and 4-pole motors and escs.  So if you're exploring or inspecting hard to reach locations, looking to enter buildings and structures without endangering life, or have to remotely deliver a package with the stealth of a surface drone, the Traxxas Slash 4x4, Shining Star Chassis' framework and GoPro5 camera combination are tough to beat in proven performance, history, and maintainability. This sale is for the framework package only.  All photos showing a built chassis-kit and other manufacturer's components are for illustration purposes and not included.  This is a product designed and manufactured in the United States from Florida's Space Coast. Instructions, build and setup tips are included in package. No additional components necessary. Minor hole drilling of rear blue hinge plate required (can be used without rear blue hinge plate as it's just for looks with chassis kit). Experience the fastest acceleration, braking & steering, the longest battery life, the lowest tire & body wear, and simplest maintainability on 1:10 short course & 7.4v or 11.1v power setups. Please visit the public Facebook page of “Shining Star Chassis – SSC” for build photographs organized by albums and the youtube channel of “Virage105” for years of publications. Frequently Asked Questions: 1. What other components are recommended for a Short Course 4x4 Build? Answer: This chassis kit, 15/52 gearing on Velineon 7.4v power with all stock components will be competitive. Add 4-rear GTR shocks (red & green springs), a GPM-Al. bellcrank w/plastic cross link, and good high torque low-speed servo with blue E-revo boots over each plastic axle joint and you're good to go. 2. What is the buggy build all about? Answer: The 1:8ebuggy build using the XO-1 hubs and axles w/17mm hexes and SSC-shock towers with Kyosho MP9 shocks is the ultimate performance-build to enjoy this platform's maximum potential. It sports the lowest profile body achievable in 1:8ebuggy and has been racing competitively on 7.4v, 1:10 short course power systems since 2014. 3. What other builds is this platform good for? Answer: 1. Late Model - with either this chassis or upcoming SSC10-LM4 kit (also competitive against 1:8 4cell late models on just 7.4v 1:10 pwer; 2. Drag Car - Use DE Racing's narrower front Oval rims & tires and 1:10 thru 1:8 7.4v-14.8v power systems; 3. Street Truck - Any build can be enjoyed on any onroad surface; 4. Monster Truck Racer - Using 12mm crawler rims & tires with smaller ERevo bodies. 4. What is it like to maintain? Answer: Maintenance involves checking the tightness of the steering post bottoms, center support post and rear two of front arm mounts and re-applying redlock and replacing screws as necessary. Excessive panning out, poor shocks/springs setup and major wrecks will jolt and wear hardware out sooner so use your judgment based on use. Since the a-arms do not break often enough with the independent front and rear bulkheads, you will need to apply bearing oil to your hinge pins to keep them free. If they bind over time then pre-oil and pull out the vise-grip to spin frozen hinge pin out. We've all left one sitting around for months or years so there's no shame in having to dust it off. 5. Why doesn't SSC sponsor race teams? Answer: During development SSC expended a lot of resources and time into racing which helped improve the designs between 2011 and 2015 during a time so many badgered the Traxxas Slash 4x4. Once the design was proven not only as a contending performer but also in durability, efficiency and maintainability, our focus has been on Hobbyist-grade builds and surface-drone usage potential. 6. What can I expect with an SSC platform? Answer: An R/C vehicle so predictable, enjoyable and easy-to-own with the most build options for yourself and Family to enjoy for years to come using common affordable components from the most produced 4-wheel driveline in R/C history. Show up anywhere with any appropriate build-form and perform like an ace to everyone's surprise it's 'just a Slash 4x4'. There is a reason why a single supporter has yet to not enjoy their purchase since 2011 in over 27-Nations. It's an R/C purchase you won't regret.

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