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SSC8 Chassis Kit for Slash 4x4


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Aftermarket Chassis Kit based on 6061 Aluminum Framework for the Traxxas Slash 4x4

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Engineered Features of the SSC8: 1. Class unique fully independent and non-connected Motor & Diff mounts for more consistent center diff performance and cooler motor temps (let the 'race' breeds send motor temperature into the center differential); 2. Class-unique independent a-arm mounts with proven kickup and rear toe-in settings. Don't be fooled by "captured ends are more tunable" as they require a third less machining steps to produce and are a product of cheaper mass-production approaches; 3. Class-unique independent front & rear upper bulkheads - this is the first offroad chassis hosting a single driveshaft with independent F-R bulkheads using a first "chassis spine" to tune for accurate, durable and predictable mid=flex for more throttle, brake, steering and impact durability performance; 4. 3-different servo and bellcrank configurations using accessories - real tuning options is altering steering and chassis flex physics; 5. Firmest F-R gearbox clips in SC4x class - keeps driveline spinning freely under highest stresses; 6. Lightest 4wd driveline in SC4x and Ebuggy - by Traxxas that holds the most diff oil using just 2-spider gears requiring least maintenance; Engineered Benefits of the SSC8: 1. Lowest motor temps in SC4x, up to 50-degrees lower than stock which means you can perform against the most expensive power systems using Traxxas or Castle Sidewinder power on just 7.4volts (2-cell); 2. Longest runtimes in the SC4x class (up to 40% longer than heavier and less efficient "race" models); 3. Lowest tire wear in SC4x class - win series races with less than 1/2 the tire costs or just stop burning hard earned $$ on wearables; 4. Longest body life in SC4x - less weight and more forgiving predictable precise control means less replacing lexan bodies; 5. Most versatile SC4x - this same driveline drives the upcoming Rustler4wd kit, SC-Late Model 4wd, SC-Late Model 2wd, SC4R, and more; 6. Lowest hinge pin and bearing wear in SC4x and ebuggy classes. Requires: 1. 2.0 & 2.5mm hex drivers, 5.5mm open-end wrench, hobby knife; 2. Drill bits for rear blue hinge plate (for OEM look); 2. Traxxas driveline and suspension components; 3. All electronics, rims, tires, and body. Designed & Produced in the United States on Florida's Space Coast. Our shop isn't lined with plastic bins filled with products made 2000-miles away and shipped overseas. This product is made by Americans (including the aluminum stock) in precision machine shops-neighbors who strive to make the best option in its class. This is why we do not support drivers posting their race results on Facebook making your legs number. Instead we planned and built-out the largest indoor RC track facility on the East Coast, Space Coast R/C now evolved by Beachline Raceway & Superior Hobbies in Cocoa, Florida near Kennedy Space Center & Cape Canaveral.

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