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Vintage RC10 A-Stamp10 Resto-Kit Minus Gearbox & Spurplate w/SSC10 Framework


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This is an incomplete vintage RC10 A-Stamp10 Resto-Kit shy of a gearbox and spur plate/gear assembly. SSC10 framework included.
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If you're looking to build an A-Stamp kit using your gearbox and spurplate/slipper assembly that you won't feel guilty running this kit even includes spare parts to help keep you running. Although the SSC10's chassis kit and flex-neutral shorty-pack mount transfers the front and rear end impact, bump and steering loads thru the chassis' Front/Rear hinged milled pockets and through the torsional midsection. Always converting energy to more plant where needed you'll maximize vintage steering capabilities, reduce wear to your vintage suspension components and draw 30-40 degrees out of your 17.5t or vintage motor to maximize runtime and gearing. All while maintaining the classic front nose tubes, kickplate, bottom outline and rear motor guard features of the '80's era. Nobody's the wiser until you pull the lid off on the bench. It's just 21g over stock weight but still lands in the 1350-1450g run-ready range.

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