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SSC10A Chassis Kit for RC10A 6gear transmission


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Engineered and CNC'd 6061 Chassis Kit for the Vintage RC10 A-Stamp 6-gear transmission.
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During the 1980s the Team Associated RC10 A-Stamp was designed by an AeroSpace Engineer, Roger Curtis and manufactured in the United States of America. Team Associated's gearbox designer was Gil Losi. The difference between a mass-produced gearbox and chassis is the fact there is no compromising a gearbox' design and materials. To the contrary the R/C chassis has been plagued with the design & production compromises necessary to make complete R/C race kits affordable. Roger Curtis held his standard of independent a-arm mounts into the '90s before stamped aluminum and too much plastic became the R/C race kit mass-production standard for decades. The SSC10A frees your RC10A from mass-production chassis compromises necessary to make complete race-kits affordable. This is far from another aftermarket aluminum R/C chassis plate with random mill pockets. Rather Mark Patrick Soliman, Polytechnic University '97 (Environmental Engineering for deadly remnants of past AeroSpace Manufacturing efforts) engineered the SSC10A chassis with aluminum geometry that directs flex from your vehicle's front & rear bulkheads towards its midsection. When the elastic range of 6061 is manipulated, your chassis performs as a tuned 5th shock, consistently & predictably lap after lap or battery after battery. Since the Vintage and SSC8 inspired 5-inch width was committed to, the best way to make the excessive 1:10 buggy width useful was to create F/R flex-hinge joints and a centerline torsional-flex long-joint. The result is a mere 21-grams over OEM weight pre-to-post conversion (track ready is in the 1380-1450g range); the concentration of chassis weight beneath the F/R bulkheads for improved bump stability & flight control; greater on-power traction, sweeper and brake performance, and; greater impact durability of all F/R OEM components. The ssc10a also smoothens up the bottomside of your RC10 with flush-mounted flathead screws which allows you to maximize rear suspension travel with tower and shock setup. When using the SSC10A please be mindful of any flex-stifling lexan body and battery mount configurations (i.e. stiff or pre-tensioned body posts' fitment, over-tightened battery mounts, loose screws). What's Included: - One Engineered 6061 chassis CNC milled, beveled and anodized black hardcoat; - Two front bulkhead braces also made of flexible 6061 aluminum; - Alloy hardware for front bulkhead braces & steering posts, and stainless passivated (black) hardware for your gearbox, a-arm mounts and your custom rear motor guard; - Sticker/template to help you cut a straight oem-front bulkhead plate on angles or blueprint one; - ssc10 vinyl decals; - Parts list & setup sheets are available at the ssc10 FB-group page, and; - No OEM or non-SSC components included (SSC is not a hobby shop). How to Fail the ssc10a Chassis: - Neglect using or re-applying red threadlocker on two front bulkhead braces' four screws; - Neglect to check and reapply red threadlocker. - Neglect to check and reapply red and/or replace hardware after a major front end wreck or lawn-darting jumps (if a shock isn't dampening surface contact, it’s a high G jolt feast); - Run a pan-dragging suspension setup that pan-slaps every jump landing and bump, and; - If you manage to bend the front end with loose screws or an excessive nose-plant, simply use a table's edge and bend it back in one or two carefully slow shots.

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