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Frequently asked questions
What vehicle is the SSC8 kit designed for and is it for bashing or racing?
Traxxas Slash 4x4 and it is well suited for both bashing and racing.  Racers get to experience better launches, braking & turning speeds the independent a-arm mounts and F/R bulkheads deliver while bashers get to experience the added durability and motor temp drops for longer runtime.
Will everything bolt-up and is anything else needed to complete Shining Star Chassis' kits?
Yes and all you need for assembly is red and blue threadlocker and a 4mm drill bit to ream out the OEM rear blue aluminum hinge plate's center thru-hole.
Will my aftermarket shock towers, axles, a-arms, and bellcrank transfer over?
Yes, the only aftermarket parts that do not transfer over are the parts the v2.5f chassis kit replaces such as F/R bulkheads, battery hold-down, center diff mount and motor mount.
Is the SSC8 kit flex & weight tunable?
Yes, more flex can be tuned by removing a combination of up to 2-screws from the chassis-spine.  Or a short rear OEM camber link can be added from the chassis-spine up to the center diff mount for a more rigid tune.  With a battery mounting system providing 1.5-inches of unlimited adjustment and plenty of space to position your electronic speed controller you also get the most front/rear weight-tunable chassis.
Is the included differential bearing the stock size?
No, a larger 10x19x5mm Fast-Eddie's center diff bearing is included to eliminate the costly premature center diff bearing failures.
Are any spare chassis parts mandatory?
No, there are 5-key screws that can loosen and shear if ran loose.  They are the front arm blocks' 2-rears, steering posts' bottom 2 and center support post.  A double-application of red threadlocker (1st time loose, remove and reapply red threadlocker) and spot checks for tightness is it..  The SSC8's independent F/R bulkheads reduces impacts to all screws keeping them tighter longer.  Hard pan-outs jolt screws loose.  Shock setup is very important to keeping the chassis off the ground.
How light is the finished build in SC4x4 & 1:8ebuggy and is lightweight a disadvantage?
Both build modes are approximately 2650grams or 5lbs-12oz run-ready which is the lightest weights achieved in SC4x4 & 1:8ebuggy classes.  With a flex & weight-tuned chassis its lightweight is its greatest advantage in performance, impact-durability, and lowest tire & body wear.  Lightweight means less energy to accelerate, decelerate & turn.  Which results in more traction with less tire wear.
What are SSC's SC4x4 wins and contributions since 2011?

- TQ & 1st Place Traxxas Slash 4x4 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway's TORC race during the Eastern Board debut tour, Summer of 2011;
- 2nd Place at Psycho Nitro Blast 2012 (by Traxxas-SSC sponsored driver);
- 3rd Place at Shiverville's 1:10 ROAR Regionals 2012;
- 3rd Place for Short Course King Series 2012;
- Design, permitting and build of the Eastern Board's largest indoor clay track (now Beachline Raceway managed by Superior Hobbies) in Cocoa, Florida      en-route to Port Canaveral 2012;
- 2nd Place finish ahead of a Traxxas-RCE sponsored driver at Space Coast R/C's debut race event - JConcepts Supercup Series in September, 2012;
- Winner of's Slash 4x4 LCG Chassis Shootout 2012;
- 3rd Place at GHR's Truck Race in 2013;
- 5th Place at Phil Hurd Raceway's Colonel's Winter Classic in 2013;
- 1st Place for FORCE Series 2014;
- 1st Place for Beachline Raceways' debut Battle at the Beach Series 2015.

Who is Shining Star Chassis?
Since 2011 SSC is the original, longest running and most evolved chassis kit with more race event & series wins racked up for the Slash 4x4 than all other chassis kits combined.  Mark Patrick Soliman holds an Environmental Engineering degree from Polytechnic University ('97) and after spending 10-years on major war/space manufacturing sites' remediation, turned his focus to future American Production starting with an old hobby left with the lesson of a straight-shaft Boomerang walking away from his Hot-Trick'd Belt-driven Optima in '87 (Trinity Track in Hicksville, NY).  Using engineering principals Mark incorporates a motor mount/heat sink that'll draw 30-degrees directly to the bottom plate without passing around the center differential, utilizes the elastic range of 6061 aluminum by mating a chassis spine to the bottom plate creating the RC-industry's first off road chassis hosting a single-shaft driveline with independent F/R bulkheads, captures shock-tower loads into front and rear bulkheads that transfer loads squarely away from the gearboxes to the middle of the chassis creating predictable flex and more ground pressure with less weight, and transfers a-arm loads directly into the bottom plate without flexing gearboxes.  The result is a chassis with every dimension purpose-designed by physics, not imagination.
What kind of service and warrantee does SSC offer?
SSC is the only RC producer that posts the founder/designer's personal cell phone number at the top of a website.  After nearly 1000 v1, v2 & v2.5f chassis kits sold worldwide just a few calls and emails expressing gratitude have been received. SSC stands behind the finish and fitment 100%.  Extreme use and abuse is at the discretion and responsibility of supporters and only resulted in half a handful of catastrophic jump failures (usually into concrete) requiring a few parts ordered to rebuild by supporters happy it was even repairable with a great story to tell!