Vintage RC10 A-Stamp7 Roller with SSC10 Framework


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Imagine the classic look of the RC10's nose tubes and iconic motor guard. Instead of a mass-produced stamped aluminum tub'd chassis you get a 1/8" 6061 aluminum bar-stock plate curved upward with an engineered mill-pocket pattern nearly breaking thru to create F/R flexed hinged pockets as well as a torsional flexible mid-section to relieve your OEM parts of harsh impact and performance loads while adding a whole lot of stability & steering to this iconic buggy's transmission & suspension layout that utilizes independent a-arm mounts. The quality of an American-Made Buggy backed by the quality of an American-Made CNC'd chassis & flex-neutral shorty-pack mount system. Good for a 30-40 degree drop in motor temps to help protect your vintage electronics from overheating.