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This U.S. Manufacturing effort was founded by Mark Patrick Soliman at the start of 2011 while club racing at the former Space Coast Short Course Track adjacent to SpacePort Cycles in Titusville, Florida.  While marshalling the 4wd Short Course class it became obvious the fastest driveline by Traxxas in their Slash 4x4 needed an aluminum high performance chassis.  Back then at the counter of Superior Hobbies deciding between a Jammin SCRT10, OFNA Hyper 9SC and Traxxas Slash 4x4 a lesson learned while racing a Kyosho Optima buggy in 1987 at the former Trinity Track in Hicksville, New York prevailed (that no matter how tuned the chassis is, the more efficient driveline will always accelerate, top out and brake better).  So the Traxxas Slash 4x4 was purchased with a commitment to tear down and design a chassis for.  By Spring of 2011, the Shining Star Chassis was released.  During July of 2011 Mark Soliman and Race, the belated Golden Retriever set out on an Eastern-Board track tour reaching RC-Madness in Northern Connecticut.  The initial driver behind this track tour was to attend a hearing in the Eastern District of New York after Mercedes-Benz claimed 'acceleration has no affect whatsoever on the pulse of a frontal collision or the airbag and seatbelts' engagement timing' and Mark Soliman responded with the fact Newton's 2nd Law of Motion circa 1687 stating Force = mass x acceleration was being denied by our World's 1st Auto Manufacturer.  And Judge Sandra J. Feuerstein disqualified Mark Soliman as a Polytechnic Engineer ('97 Environmental Engineering) after a decade designing the mechanical and process logic control systems of groundwater treatment systems at historical Space & War manufacturing sites across the NorthEast.  More can be researched about the 1st historic motive powered IIHS 40mph/40% overlap crash test that followed at the Facebook page of "Mercedes-Benz' Laws of Physics".

Newton's 2nd Law of Motion F=ma tells us that the force required to accelerate, brake, change direction and absorb suspension loads exponentially increases with more mass or weight.  So the most effective characters of any offroad vehicle are an efficient and lightweight 4-wheel driveline & suspension, and a flex-tuned lightweight chassis.  After 5yrs of Version 1 & Version 2 improvements the result is the only chassis and driveline capable of competing as a 1:8ebuggy on 1/2 the voltage, 1:10 power, and less than 50% of the tire wear at just 5.5-6lbs run-ready.  Consistency in development, testing/racing, and manufacturing improvements over so many years is how the initial Slash 4x4 chassis kit won the LCG-Shootout by in Fall of 2012 against RC-Engineering and Chuckworks' offerings.  Support from over 27-Nations helped Shining Star Chassis design and build-out the East Coast's largest indoor clay track facility formerly Space Coast R/C (now w/turf over clay as Beachline Raceway / Superior Hobbies) in Cocoa, Florida just off of Rte 528's Industry Road/Grissom Parkway enroute from Orlando to Cape Canaveral.  RC Driver published the Version 1 chassis kit in their Truck-edition during Christmas of 2011.

The staples of Shining Star Chassis' designs are:  1.  Independent a-arm mounts to transfer excessive suspension loads directly into chassis while keeping the driveline spinning as free as physically possible;  2.  Independent motor mount and differential mount to transfer up to 50-degrees out of your motor directly into the 6061 1/8" chassis without passing thru differential mount;  3.  Independent F/R upper bulkheads that effectively disperse F/R impacts away from Traxxas' D/L & Suspension components and into the midsection of the chassis for superior durability & unmatched performance;  4.  Up to three servo mount configurations so you can tune front-end roll based on your preference, and  5.  The most adjustable & tunable battery-mount system in Short Course and 1:8ebuggy.

During early 2017 when the upcoming truck-sport racks were developed for full-scale, a dedicated manufacturing facility was built-out just a few doors down from the original Shining Star Chassis' machinist who still makes several components offered.  A vintage model lineup of chassis kits for the Team Associated RC10 A-Stamp, B-Stamp and Truck was released with a flex-neutral shorty-pack mount and motor guard for flush-mounted bottom screws and a 30-degree motor temperatur drop.  This effort inspired the G10 shock towers for the Slash 4x4 currently offered to mount up to 1:8 F/R shocks and a GoPro5 camera.  Integrated front bulkhead GoPro5 mounts were also developed to create the smoothest surface drone video possible with a platform that weighs under 6lbs (youtube "ssc8 gopro5".  There is a mount for FPV and another mount for a rearward turret currently being developed to operate off of a 2nd servo.  Also being released soon are a Rustler 4x4 chassis kit (SSC10T4), a 2nd Slash 4x4 chassis kit that utilizes a new battery clip/hold-down system (SSC10SC4), a left-hand biased Late Model Slash 4x4 chassis kit (SSC10SCLM4), a left hand biased Late Model Slash 2wd chassis kit (SSC10SCLM2 - utilizes front clip of 2wd and rear clip of 4wd Slash), a Rustler 2wd chassis kit (SSC10T2), a Slash 2wd chassis kit (SSC10SC2), a 4wd Slash GT2 chassis kit (SSC8GT2), and a 4wd Slash/Kyosho Truggy chassis kit (SSC8T4). 

It's now 2019 and Shining Star Chassis is committed to offering the World's smoothest, most efficient, lightest, proven and durable surface drones for a ground-up video perspective that'll benefit film-producers, RC and full scale track promoters, 1st Responders, Military Units, scientific exploration and industrial inspections.  Where we're going, we won't need to use a driver's stand!

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